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I’ve always found composing tunes quite easy, it’s something that comes quite instinctively to me. I started writing tunes when I was fourteen to get my mind away from hard things that were going on around me. From there, I would try and write a tune every time I picked up my practice chanter, a lot of them were terrible! I’ve got a lot of different ways of writing music the main one is with an instrument for me it’s either whistle or pipes. I sit down and get a promising idea of a hook and play around it for a while and see where it takes me, recording the process on my phone. (You never know what gems you have recorded that you don’t know about)

Over the summer of 2016, I decided that I would try writing music on computer programmes like Sibelius without an instrument to see what happens. It turned out quite well with some of the tunes, however sometimes they were too hard to play on an instrument, so I decided to go back to the old way! Over the Christmas of 2016 – 2017 I went through a bit of a dry composing patch until every now and again a phrase would get stuck in my head so I would sing it (I’m a terrible singer but my Mam said I’m great!) anywhere and everywhere and would get a quick recording of it on my phone. When I got back home I would try and decipher it which created some quite nice tunes. If you have an idea for a tune always write it down or record it, you never know what it will turn into!


The biggest influence on my music is people and the experiences we share together. Behind every person there is a story to be told, I like to find out about these stories and their history to write music based around them. My favourite stories are always the funny ones, anything to make me laugh or others laugh has a very special place in my tune writing. I think humour can cure pretty much anything! It’s a great thing to just listen to a good story. The past year (summer 2017 - summer 2018) I have been composing new material based on stories and people from my family which has been amazing find out about my past. I take a lot of inspiration from lots of different composers on the folk scene and I also listen to different genres from Jazz to classical, gaining some great ideas from there. When I listen to music I like to see what journey the music takes me on and how I can take a listener on a journey through my own music. I love using cool rhythms I have found in other music or even came up with myself to take the music to a different place.

Commissioned Compositions  

Many people like tunes commissioned as gifts for special occasions for their families, friends and various different events and commemorations. If you would like a tune commissioned for you please get in contact so we can chat about what kind of tune you would like (reel, jig, slow tune) and budget. I also offer option to record the tune and print, frame and sign the tune as well. 

Get in touch! 

Email: jordan-aikin@live.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 7387 371223


Two of my tunes, £75 Fine Pt 1. and £75 Fine Pt2.

By Pons Aelius 

A Bagpipe Trio piece I composed in winter 2017.