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With hands too soft to follow his forebearers into the shipyards, Jordan Aikin was sent on a quest to unite the talents of Colin Nicholson (Accordion), Sam Partridge (Flutes), Alasdair Paul (Guitar), Bevan Morris (Bass), Adam Stalepford (Drums), and himself (bagpipes, whistle) to form a craic team of musicians basing themselves in Newcastle to create contemporary folk sextet Jordan Aikin and Bad Phantom. Together, they breathe life into Aikin's compositions inspired by his family tree. The original material evokes stories of past times and is combined with a contemporary edge, full of fire and vitality.

"Aikin's writing is rich with character and creatively woven into the unmistakable rhythmic and harmonic underworld of Bad Phantom. I can't help but be drawn in by the broad range of themes and the fearless honesty of the musicianship. " - Calum MacCrimmon (Breabach, Tryst, Man's Ruin)

The Band: 

Jordan Aikin: Bagpipes and Whistles

Sam Partridge - Flutes 

Colin Nicholson - Accordion

Alasdair Paul - Guitar 

Bevan Morris - Bass 

Adam Stapleford - Drum Kit 

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