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Jordan Aikin and Quercus are a contemporary folk powerhouse hailing from the vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Diverging from traditional acoustic sounds, they've embraced a bold new direction, infusing their music with the electrifying energy of electric guitars, bass, and drums, complemented by a dynamic frontline of bagpipes, accordion, and whistle. At the helm is composer Jordan Aikin, whose distinctive style propels contemporary folk music into uncharted territory. With a mission to intertwine the traditional melodies of their upbringing with a broader musical palette, they craft kaleidoscopic arrangements that span a spectrum of influences, redefining the folk music experience for a new generation. The ensemble, comprising Jordan Aikin on bagpipes and whistle, Heather Ferrier on accordion, Alasdair Paul on guitar, Bevan Morris on bass, and Adam Stapleford on drums, forms a tight-knit craic team of musicians. Together, they breathe life into Aikin's compositions, drawing inspiration from his personal connections and weaving tales of bygone eras with a contemporary edge, ablaze with passion and vitality. Jordan Aikin and Quercus invite you to embark on a musical journey like no other, where tradition meets innovation, and every note resonates with the spirit of adventure.

'It is compelling to experience music written with such honesty and so refreshingly easy to accept that these pieces of music are truly representative of the person behind them.' - Calum MacCrimmon (Breabach) 

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