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Pons Aelius - Captain Glen's Comfort 

Bagpipes, Whistle, Arranger and Composer

Pons Aelius - Fire Under the Bridge 

Bagpipes, Whistle, Arranger and Composer

Guest musician - Bagpipes and Whistle. Featuring one of my tunes, 'Bet on Fake Horses' on The Way is Clear. 

Appearing as a soloist on the album. 

Flowers of War Series - The Diggers' Requiem in Amiens, 23rd of April 2018. 


Pons Aelius - Bagpiper, Whistle Player, Arranger

Jon Doran & The Northern Assembly - Whistle Player, Arranger

The Tannahill Weavers - Bagpiper, Whistle Player

Aikin / Morris - Bagpiper, Whistle Player, Arranger, Composer

The Earl of Seaforth / The 98 Jig Set,

Hall Two Sage Gateshead

The Big Journey / Calum and LB's Set, Hall Two Sage Gateshead. Two tunes composed by myself. 

The Tunnellers Set. Hall Two, Sage Gateshead.

Tune composed for my second great granddad, Charles Edward MacDonald whom served as a tunneller during the Battle of the Somme during the Great War.  

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